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Bronx, New York 1922

My mom, Guiseppa, age 5 with her sister Rosa,  brother Salvatore and mother Benedetta.

Artist Statement

I am the proud daughter of a Sicilian seamstress, one among many in my  loving Italian family.  But I can not sew. No matter how hard I try, it seems that more time is spent ripping out uneven seams. I always marvel at the engineering process of transforming flat fabric into a unique garment. 

The needle arts of beading and embroidery were an important part of my cultural heritage. My mother, grandmother and aunts worked in the garment district of New York.  They created beautiful gowns in sweatshops filled with other women whose dreams brought them through Ellis Island. My intent is to honor the traditional skills of my family by creating goddess figures who represent strong female attributes recognized within many cultures. 

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