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   She is clothed with strength and dignity,

                        and laughs without fear of the future.                                                                                                         Proverbs 31:25

Her role is to bring aid and compassion.  She uses spiritual elements from nature to restore the mind and body.  Seed beads and turquoise stone decorate the wrapped fabrics.

She is the Australian goddess of nourishment and represents the spirit of motherhood.  The Aborigine design features woven fabric  with mother-of-pearl buttons, shells and seed beads.

The Greek goddess of early morning and fresh air brings hope for new beginnings.  Her  body is woven into the painted fabric and then stitched with swirling lines of beads.

Her role is to change lives by ending personal chaos.  She leads the journey towards finding calm and peace.  She is created with silk, raffia, shells, crystal beads and feathers.

Her role is to create an understanding between mankind and nature. She is sensitive to the spirit of all creatures and lives peacefully with the Earth.  Her snake skin body is enhanced with feathers, crystal beads and shells.

She is the sage that uses lessons learned from the  past to teach how to deal with present difficulties.  Her mirrored face is surrounded with metal and glass beads and jute fibers accent her head.  Metal beads and jute fibers wrap around her pedestal.

She is brave and always protective.  Suede and pieced fabrics are tied with hemp. Shells, stones, wood and silver beads are draped on her body and are also used in her feathered headdress.

In West Africa  she represents generosity and hospitality.  The wood bead used for her head is encrusted with shells and metal beads.  Her body is trimmed with shells and beaded spirals.

This heroine is not afraid of a challenge and has achieved because of her proud determination.  Her shape is formed using plaster cloth painted with acrylic and then decorated with crystal, glass and seed beads.

She maintains a youthful confidence throughout her life.  She smiles at the past, looks forward to the future, and proudly wears her whimsical beaded crown.  Organza, lace and vintage fabrics drape her body.

From India, she is the goddess of fortune.  Encrusted lines of seed beads decorate the jacquard fabric.  Rows of seed beads surround her mirrored face and she is crowned with an outburst of spirited fringe.

She is the Greek goddess who represents the fertility of  Mother Earth.  Her body is formed over a twig and coiled beads emerge from her faux stone head.  She warms the earth with the colors of her silk and satin.

From Ireland, she is the goddess of wisdom and the mother of all Celtic people.  Her brocade fabric body is embellished with a variety of beads that also flow from her head.

She is a guide to determine the best path to find a prosperous life.  Long strands of beads are draped across her silk body. Seed beads are stitched on her  upper torso and around her mirrored face.

She is watchful and forever protective of the thoughts, plans and dreams that live in the heart. Plaster cloth is formed over the sculpted body decorated with a variety of beads and crystals.

The goddess of springtime has a compassionate nature.  She represents new beginnings and starting over.  Vintage lace and plaster cloth is formed over a sculpted base.  Crystals and glass beads decorate her form.

The Roman goddess of knowledge inspires  exploration at every stage of life. Plaster cloth and cording are used over the sculpted shape then painted and decorated with beads.

She represent devotion to creative forces within the spirit. Plaster cloth is draped over the sculpted form.  She is decorated with cording and a variety of beads.

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